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Why do you use #mycupoverflows?

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

-Psalm 23:5

This Psalm is a beautiful representation of salvation. Even in the presence of enemies, which exist in this fallible world, the Lord anoints us through His Son and gives us salvation through grace.

Have you ever seen the hashtag #mycupoverflows? I’ve seen it used countless times for many interesting reasons, but mainly for when Christians describe the wonderful blessings they have. While it’s right to give credit to the Lord for all of the good things in your life, what happens to your “cup” when the difficult things come? I’d propose that as Christian women, we should refrain from using such phrases.

When David described his overflowing cup, he was describing the salvation of the Lord. David’s cup didn’t overflow because he was given wonderful things like a spouse, children, or fellowship. His cup overflowed because He was given salvation even though he was a sinful being in the midst of evil. So then why do we think our “cups” are related to our circumstances?

Your cup doesn’t overflow out of an abundance of additional blessings (apart from salvation), but only out of an abundance of grace. David’s cup overflowed when his enemies were before him and when he was surrounded by evil. Does that sound like his overflowing cup was a result of Starbucks bringing back their pumpkin spice latte? I’ve seen this hashtag used for secular self-help advice, women winning marathons, motivational Monday quotes, and even from a woman getting a good tan. It’s time we stop using the Word of God to support our lives and wants, and start using our lives to spread the Word of God.

I have incredible blessings that I don’t deserve like a spouse, a family, church fellowship, a home, a job, shelter, food, and so much more. But NONE of those things are why my cup overflows. Many of those things that I described are fleeting (Matthew 6:29; Hebrews 11:25). So friends, are you spending your time bragging about your blessings on Instagram under the disguise of bragging about the Lord or are you actually sharing the good news that Jesus can save others just like He saved you?

My cup overflows because of Jesus, and Jesus alone. He has made a way for me to be saved from the painful depths of hell through the Cross. He died a brutal death so that I didn’t have to live eternally separated from Him in torture. He has saved me. And if you don’t know the saving Grace of Jesus - He wants to save you too.

This article was written by the Headmaster of Fellowship Academy, Deniece Giovinazzo.

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