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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Last Sunday, I saw you in the Lord's house with the Lord's people. Yes, we said hello and goodbye almost simultaneously as my son ran off and I had to catch him. Soon afterwards, I got to sit in the service and I looked at the congregation and saw several moms just like us. All of us living out Deuteronomy 6:5-7 in real time. I saw that you were tired. I had no idea what all it took for everyone to get to church. But the God who sees, Elroi, saw it all. He saw that you want to know Him more. But, He also saw that you want your kids to know Him too. Our kids may have had wiggles and tantrums throughout the service. But they also made joyful noises to the Lord. Every cry and babble was an audible symbol of generations that know God and want to make Him known.

I'm no prophetess, this is not a vision. But I couldn't help but wonder if what I saw was more than what I could physically see. What if by taking our kids, they heard the gospel and it clicked for the first time and God created a new heart in them? What if by taking our kids they saw a church community committed to knowing God first and it impacted them so greatly that they wanted to serve God for all of their life? What if by taking our kids, we were waging war against the powers of darkness that threatened to steal our kids and lead them to Jesus instead? What if your children saw that you loved Jesus above EVERYTHING, Sunday through Saturday, with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength and loved that little neighbor of yours as yourself? What if the kids saw that Jesus wasn't a hobby or good luck charm to you, but that He was your life? What if it took so many Sundays, but God was so pleased at how you faithfully served Him? It wasn't “easy like a Sunday morning,” no, it was quite a difficult morning. But, wouldn't we experience that difficult time again if it meant our kids met Jesus, the One who changes everything?

Maybe you saw something different. But the next time you sit in your chair on Sunday, I hope you will see what God sees and be fueled to live for Him yet another day. May you feel His grace and peace with you.

Needing Jesus Always,

Fellow Christian and mom

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