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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I have a burden on my heart today. I hope you will take the time to read and ponder this as well.

The motto of our home lately has been Matthew 22:39, "Love your neighbor as yourself." In our home, we talk about the heart behind why snatching toys, books, or snacks are wrong. Our hearts are set to love ourselves, naturally. We remind our little ones, when you love yourself, you make sure you get the best toy, best book, or best snack. However, if God says to love our neighbor as ourself, shouldn't we want our neighbor to enjoy this fun toy, read this awesome book, or eat this yummy snack too?

I have to admit, I am right there with them. I'm prone to only want things for myself. In this time of COVID-19 my hours are spent with these little neighbors constantly. Constant also are the reminders that as much as I am looking after my needs of attention and love, so should I be looking after theirs. Surely also, if at times I feel lonely and overwhelmed, another sister in my fellowship could be feeling the same way. How am I to know what circumstances someone else is going through if I only look after myself? If I look to my neighbor as myself, I can call or text or video chat to find out, even in a time where gathering physically may not happen as often or easily.

I know, you are overwhelmed and tired. I don't say this to add another burden. In fact, I think when you follow the words of our precious Savior, you will find joy and contentment there. Romans 12:4-8 talks about how we are all members of the same body and how we can encourage each other with the specific gifts we have been given by God. When we look at His Word that is never failing and good for everything (2 Tim 3:16-17), we are changed. It is impossible to leave studying His Word more intimately and be unchanged by it. We find joy, and dare I say refreshment, in looking after someone else as we would wish to be looked after.  

Sister, you can find many challenges online through social media or blogs. When was the last time you saw a challenge to "love your neighbor as yourself?" The Lord gave us that challenge in His Word. I wonder what goodness would come if we all reached out to just one sister a week. Who knows? Maybe we will show the world how beautiful gospel friendships can be.

Needing Jesus always,

Fellow believer and mom


We are so excited to offer "Dear Mom" as a monthly blog series through Fellowship Church Resources. This series is written by one our pastors' wives, Jessica Yzaguirre. Jessica and her husband, Armando, live in Immokalee, FL and have three children.

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Dear Mom


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