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Preparing for 2022

Fellowship Family and Friends: Every January 1st brings the opportunities for new beginnings and fresh starts. My purpose for this email was to help you think biblically or as we say it, "to think text-driven" in how you approach tomorrow. I am a list person who likes categories. Therefore, I have made my new year commitments/goals in three categories: 1) Spiritual, 2) Church, and 3) Health.

Spiritual Goals (90-Day Challenge)

Ephesians 4:14-15 tells us to grow up as Christians. This means that we need to be maturing in our walk with our Lord. What do you want to see God do in your life this next year? How do you want to mature in Christ? Whatever goal you set for yourself, I want to help you reach it next year. Email me and let me know your goal so that we can work together to achieve it. Here are some generic goals to help you:

  • Read the Bible consistently.

  • Set aside time to pray.

  • Trust God with my circumstances.

  • Try to share the gospel one time every day or week.

If you are looking to read your Bible more, then would you join my in a 90-Day Challenge as we read through the NT as a church? Click this link to be part of the 90-Day Challenge:

Church Goals (Being Together)

First Timothy 3:15-16 describes the church as the household of God and pillar of truth. These descriptions help us think through church goals. Am I an active part of God's family at my church? How can I be more committed to Fellowship Church in 2022? Where can I be serving Jesus and my church faithfully?

Here are some generic methods for how you can reach your church goals:

  • Volunteer in a weekly ministry at Fellowship Church.

  • Begin attending more regularly mid-week activities

  • Practice consistent giving habits to the Lord and His ministries (

Being together is probably the most important goal we can all have for 2022. As our world becomes increasingly post-Christian, we need each other more than ever. Let's collectively commitment to being at church on Sunday and being involved. Your presence matters!

Health Goals (Stewardship)

Every January it seems that gym memberships get purchased and diet plans get started only to be abandoned after 2-4 weeks. If you have health goals for 2022, let me encourage you to think of these goals as part of your stewardship responsibility. God has given you a body, mind, and emotions. All of these need to be stewarded for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom. We have a spiritual mandate to care for each of them. Therefore, avoid setting health goals for vanity; instead, set goals for your health that demonstrate that you are utilizing what God has given you for service. If you want to be in better shape physically, do so for the glory of God so that you can serve Him for longer. If you want to get your mind in better shape, do so for the glory of God so that you can think in a text-driven way. If you want to get your emotions in better shape, do so for the glory of God so that you can comfort others also with the Word of God. Here are some ways you can develop a healthier life:

  • Body: Go for prayer walks

  • Mind: Join Fellowship Theological Institute on January 16th as we begin Old Testament II.

  • Emotions: Subscribe to our Text-Driven Podcast and learn how to think biblically (

Love you; see you Sunday!

By His grace,

Pastor Tim

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