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Making Disciples of the Next Generation: Fellowship Academy Establishes New Partnership

Making disciples of the next generation isn’t a catchy phrase. For Fellowship Church – it’s a promise. From the very beginning, the church has promised to come alongside parents in the training of their children.

It has been a deep-rooted desire of Timothy Pigg, the lead pastor at Fellowship Church, to come alongside parents and help equip them to disciple their children to love God and make Him known in every area of life, including education. Utilizing Deuteronomy 6 as their foundation, the church believes that parents are the primary teachers of instilling within their child to love God with all of their heart, soul, and might.

“Deuteronomy 6 makes it very clear that it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their child how to love God,” Pigg said. “The love of God begins in the mind…our theory of education is rooted in their love for God.”

“In order to equip parents for this important work and mission, we needed to provide to them Christ-centered, Bible-driven education.”

Enter Fellowship Academy. Established in 2019 out of a desire to meet the needs of their concerned church family about the public school system and secular curriculum, the school began with six children and has quickly grown to a bustling 26.

Now in their second school year, the academy now offers extra-curricular activities such as music, Spanish, P.E., health, and several specialized electives.

Whether its knowing God through mathematics, science, language arts, or history – Fellowship Academy teaches every subject from a biblical, text-driven perspective. Utilizing accredited curriculum and teaching videos from Bob Jones affords Fellowship Academy the ability to keep tuition costs and student-teacher ratios approachable for young families desiring a Christ-centered education and environment.

“We believe that Genesis 1:1 is true,” he said. “Therefore, in every single subject that is taught at Fellowship Academy, we are teaching it from the perspective that God is the Creator and the Designer of all of the subjects that we teach.”

At a recent Fellowship Academy informational meeting, hosted on Facebook Live, Pigg announced that the academy has entered a newly established partnership with Northeastern Baptist College. Northeastern is a fully accredited college in southern Vermont, offering four undergraduate programs in counseling, education, business, and biblical studies.

“In a partnership with Northeastern Baptist College every student at Fellowship Academy, who graduates from our school, will be given a scholarship to Northeastern for free,” Pigg proclaimed.

After traveling to Vermont and meeting with Dr. Mark Ballard, the President of Northeastern, and having a wonderful conversation about the mission and vision of Fellowship Academy, Ballard quickly agreed to provide a scholarship for every student that attends the school.

Valuing the college tuition scholarship at over $108,000, Giovinazzo is overjoyed at the opportunity to offer students the ability to further their education, while at the same time being equipped to know God and make Him known in the Northeast.

“I am so excited that Northeastern Baptist College is partnering with us in raising up the next generation to be warriors for Christ,” said Deniece Giovinazzo, Headmaster of Fellowship Academy. “This partnership allows our mission to extend beyond our current K-12 into higher education!”

“We’re a school that makes the primary textbook of every classroom the Word of God,” Pigg said of Fellowship Academy.

If you are interested in learning more about Fellowship Academy or would like to donate to our Warrior Scholarship Fund, visit our website at

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