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Dear Mom

Recently I had a conversation with a sister in Christ who was going through heavy trials. She

blew me away when she said, "But you know what? I wasn't alone. God's presence was with me

and is with me now!"

What a precious, sweet reminder. There is not a blog or social media post in the world that can compare to the fact that Immanuel, God With Us, became flesh, lead a sinless life, died the death that we deserved, rose again defeating death and sin forever, and now nothing can separate us from His love. We may believe it in our minds, but it's so easy to forget to live in light of this beautiful gospel, isn't it? Mom, I know this life is hard. I can guarantee apart from Him we can do

nothing. In the chaos that is motherhood, it has been so good to remember, just like my sister in

Christ, that God is with me. Rest assure that Immanuel is truly a God with us.

When you get the diagnosis you didn't ask for and all you can pray is: God is with me.

When your child has you at your wits end and you do not know if you have anything left to give

and all you can pray is: God is with me.

When the bills are higher than the income you receive and all you can pray is: God is with me.

When you believe the lie that you do not have a friend in the world or that you have been physically separated because of COVID-19 regulations you can pray: God is with me.

There were so many times in my life that I could not give anything more and I was truly

exhausted. At times, I still feel like I am limping on this narrow path that is the Christian life. I

have to remind myself daily that I know Jesus, Immanuel, and I really do believe that changes


If you feel that you can't mom anymore, you're too lonely and tired, cast your cares on Him

because He cares for you. Call a sister in Christ to help you remember how good Jesus really is

and how much He loves you. Remember, Immanuel.

Needing Jesus Always,

Fellow Christian and mom

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